Oct 30, 2012 | News

HBSS takes on new teacher!

Heather Baker

Heather Baker


Let me introduce you to April who will be starting to teach on Saturdays 10am-3pm at the studio. April signed up to start the SLS teacher training in March 2012 and will aim to qualify at the end of next year. For more information on April visit our Prices page!

Prices for lessons with April are just £12 for 30mins or £20 for an hour. These lessons are ideal for children and complete beginners.

Heather Baker

Heather Baker


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Meet the teachers

Heather Baker has studied voice and teaching continuously since 2001 working with some of the worlds greatest vocal experts to perfect her knowledge and teaching abilities. Learn more about Heather here

Laura-Jane Kay has been singing since she was 8 years old.  Laura-Jane was a Level 1 SLS teacher until 2013 and is currently a Level 3 IVA teacher. Learn more here

Katie Hackney grew up with a love of music. She started learning to play the piano at the age of 9 and went on to achieve a grade 6. Katie is a very friendly and approachable teacher who knows exactly how to get the most out of her students! Learn more here

Amy Woodhouse has been a student of Heather’s since 2020 and a member of Cheshire Pop Choirs since 2018. She has a love of singing and music and is also a member of a samba band! Amy began her teacher training in 2022 and has been excited to put what she’s learned into practice with her students. Learn more here