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What You Can Expect At Heather Baker Studios

At Heather Baker Singing Studios you can work towards that upcoming audition, learn how to keep your voice at optimum performance standard for a heavy gigging schedule, discover parts of your voice you never knew you had, or just work on your voice for the pure fun of it!

All of our teachers have studied with some of the world’s experts in voice to enable them to bring you the highest quality of vocal instruction.

Scroll down to review our prices. Lessons are available in person or online via zoom. 

**Click the purple icon to read about the steps we have taken to ensure a safe environment at the studio for students and teachers.

COVID Statement

At Heather Baker Singing Studios, we take the health and wellbeing of our teachers and customers seriously and with the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus, we consider it our duty to keep you updated as to the steps we are taking to ensure teacher and customer safety whilst re-opening all of our services.

The measures we are taking include:

· Requiring hand sanitisation before entry- with sanitising products available at the door

· Maintaining appropriate levels of ventilation in the studio with windows remaining open and HEPA air filters in place

· Requiring singers to stand a safe distance away from the teacher with clearly marked areas in the room

· Frequent cleaning of door handles and other areas where the virus may be transmitted

· Providing staff with the latest guidance on preventing the spread of the virus

· Providing staff with the latest information regarding the symptoms of the virus and the actions they should follow should they display any of those symptoms

· Requiring staff to be fully vaccinated before they return to teaching in person

· Having a procedure in place to notify our customers if any of our staff are confirmed as having the illness and have come into contact with customers or other members of staff. Similarly, we require our customers to notify us if they have been confirmed as having the virus after coming into contact with our staff

· Providing an online service for anyone who would rather not attend in person or is having to isolate.


We are confident that the robust measures we are taking can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus whilst ensuring we can deliver lessons of the highest quality. Assuring you of our best endeavours at all times.


Thank you.

How are lessons booked?

Lessons are booked through our online scheduler. Please click on the ‘Schedule Appointment’ tab to book your lesson.

You have the option to book a single lesson or sign up for regular lessons. Regular lessons are more cost-effective and we will automatically bill you every 4 weeks so you won’t forget to book in.


Please note that any lessons cancelled less than 24hrs before the lessons are due to take place are non-refundable.


Performance Opportunities

All students at Heather Baker Singing Studios are given the opportunity to perform in front of friends and family either at our Christmas Performance Parties, our Summer Concert, charity busks or our informal ‘Saturday Sessions’. These allow singers the chance to try out the skills they acquire in their lessons and also create a great showcase opportunity for those wishing to build up more performance experience. Our more experienced singers are often given other opportunities to perform when we are contacted by event organisers etc.

Beginner’s private tuition

Lessons focus on getting you to get the most out of your voice. You will often work on making improvements in your ability to hold notes, pitch appropriately, and extend your range. Once you have mastered the basics of vocal technique your teacher will show you how to apply that into songs and add the finishing touches that make it sound more professional.
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Professional’s private tuition

Whether or not you’ve had training before, I can almost guarantee that there is more to your voice then you even know. We’ll deal with issues of eliminating the break between chest voice and head voice, taking the pressure away, relieving fatigue and developing range and flexibility. Heather and her teachers will help you to cope with the demands of a heavy gigging schedule or prepare you for an important audition. Regular voice coaching is as important as a professional athlete’s coaching. If you’re not taking care of your instrument you can end up damaging yourself. Heather and her teachers will make sure you are always on track. We can also offer vocal rehabilitation for those who have been unfortunate enough to encounter issues with the voice through incorrect singing or overuse. Book Your Lesson Today

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Lessons Online

We offer lessons online from anywhere in the world using Zoom. All you need for this is a microphone and camera set up on your computer (most laptops have these inbuilt). These lessons work in a similar way to an ordinary lesson- with the only difference being that you will be required to do a lot more acapella singing. You will be sent a recording of your lesson to practice with afterwards.

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Private Tuition with Heather Baker – IVA Founder, Ambassador and Mentor teacher with over 20 years experience

Mondays 2pm-7pm, Tuesdays: 10am-2pm, Thursdays: 12pm-9pm,
Fridays 10am-2pm, Saturdays 10.30am-12.30pm

30 minute lesson £40

1 hour lesson £75

3 x 1hr lessons package price £195 (£60 per hr) *Must be taken within a 4 week period

(1hr IVA Mentor rate $125/ 1hr IVA Ambassador rate $135)

Private Tuition with Laura-Jane Boardman – Level 3 IVA teacher with over 10 years experience

Wednesdays: 2pm-9pm

30 min lesson £28

1hr lesson £52

(Subscribing to weekly lessons includes a discount on these prices)

Private Tuition with Katie Hackney- Level 3 IVA Teacher with over 6 years experience

Tuesdays 4pm-9pm, Fridays 12pm-6pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm

30min lesson £20

1 hour session £37.50

(Subscribing to weekly lessons includes a discount on these prices)

Private Tuition with Amy Woodhouse

Mondays 4pm-6.30pm, Tuesdays 5pm-8.30pm, Saturdays 3pm-5pm

30min lesson £15

1 hour session £27.50

(Subscribing to weekly lessons includes a discount on these prices)

Meet the teachers

Heather Baker has studied voice and teaching continuously since 2001 working with some of the worlds greatest vocal experts to perfect her knowledge and teaching abilities. Learn more about Heather here

Laura-Jane Kay has been singing since she was 8 years old.  Laura-Jane was a Level 1 SLS teacher until 2013 and is currently a Level 3 IVA teacher. Learn more here

Katie Hackney grew up with a love of music. She started learning to play the piano at the age of 9 and went on to achieve a grade 6. Katie is a very friendly and approachable teacher who knows exactly how to get the most out of her students! Learn more here

Amy Woodhouse has been a student of Heather’s since 2020 and a member of Cheshire Pop Choirs since 2018. She has a love of singing and music and is also a member of a samba band! Amy began her teacher training in 2022 and has been excited to put what she’s learned into practice with her students. Learn more here