What people say about Heather Baker Singing Studios

I’ve been having singing lessons with Heather for just over a year now and and I wish I’d done it sooner! I’ve always loved singing but never been brave enough to go further than singing in the shower!! I joined Cheshire Pop Choirs 2 years ago which I absolutely loved so I then decided to have lessons. Heather is a great teacher who instantly puts you at ease, she is very patient and her knowledge of the voice is amazing. My confidence has really grown over this last year and I have learnt so much about what my own voice is capable of. I have now sung ‘virtually’ twice in front of others and the next step is to sing ‘live’ and I can’t wait!!

Amy Woodhouse

Beginner Solo Vocalist

Heather has been my singing teacher since summer 2005. During that time my range, clarity, vocal stamina, recovery time and confidence have all improved dramatically. I can now comfortably sing songs which used to kill me!! I cover a wide range of styles in my work and the technique Heather teaches can be applied to all of them. Heather is also a very personable teacher who can inspire confidence and has helped me through vocal difficulties and stressful times. I would recommend Heather to anyone wishing to make the most of their voice; she has the knowledge, skill and patience to make a real difference.

Alan Burton

Professional Solo Vocalist

I’m a singer song writer and Singing teacher from Israel and I can honestly say I owe most of my success to Heather Baker. She still helps me find my voice and my progress in the past few years is amazing, especially if I compare it to all the years I studied with a different technique and teachers who only damaged my abilities…even though 90% of our lessons are via SKYPE, I still get so much from each lesson and I’m so glad I found Heather and her technique. My teaching has also improved drastically and Heather is always there to help me develop my skills!

Thank you So Much!!

Aramat Arnheim

Tel Aviv Israel- SingerSongwriter and Voice teacher

I had always enjoyed singing (to myself), but didn’t have the confidence to sing in front of anyone. My first big step was joining a choir, but even that filled me with fear when having to “perform” in front of people. Then I found Heather Baker Singing Studios and since starting my lessons with Laura-Jane a year ago, I have sung solo at my father’s 90th birthday party and also at the HBSS Christmas party, something I would never have thought possible before. The teachers at HBSS are brilliant and put you at ease from the very first lesson. Laura-Jane has given me the confidence I needed to be able to sing in public and enjoy it. Lessons with her are always fun and constructive. She has been so kind and helpful to me, I feel she has become a friend as well as a great teacher.

Maureen Dyson


I received a voucher as a birthday present for Heather Baker Singing Studios and didn’t really know what to expect, as I have never had anyone teach me how to sing, in spite of being involved in music and singing since school. My nerves were soon overcome as my teacher, Laura-Jane, put me at ease and encouraged me to sing and use my voice correctly. Laura-Jane is great at explaining the vocal technique.
The best part about singing with Laura-Jane is that she makes everything fun. Practically speaking, the technique has made a massive difference, as I now never have a sore throat after singing and find I can reach higher and lower notes more easily, without running out of breath either.

Nick Abbott

Amatuer Dramatics Performer

My first lesson with Heather was a birthday present. I’d started learning guitar and liked the idea of being able to sing along, just for fun and my own amusement. From that first lesson, I was hooked. Heather has an incredible ability to set you at ease, diagnose the areas in your voice that need improvement and work with you at your own pace using a blend of vocal exercises and the songs that you like to sing. The lessons are both fun and productive, with each one teasing out something different. She also provides lots of performance opportunities and encouragement to the extent that I’m now able to go out and sing at open mic nights!

Ian Davies

 I was very interested to find out about singing technique, so when I met Heather and had my first singing lesson I found it very different to the usual singing lessons in Malta, she made it easier for me to reach the higher and harder notes. Heather also helped me sing songs I would never imagine singing! Which brings me to my brilliant first place result in the Junior Song For Europe Final! I would like to thank Heather from the bottom of my heart not only for being a fabulous teacher but for being a great person and dear friend!

Sophie de Battista

Junior Eurovision Finalist representing Malta

Heather has totally changed my perception on my vocal ability…it is no longer a question of reaching notes…it’s about approaching notes in the correct way. I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am for having met Heather and having her train me…my vocal life has TOTALLY changed, and I am so excited for what more I can achieve with her

Martin Kaye

Jazz Lounge and Cruise-Ship Singer

Heather is simply the best singing teacher I’ve ever worked with.

She has a rare talent – expertly listening to your voice and sharing techniques that completely transform your confidence and performance. I cannot recommend her highly enough – whether you are a beginner or professional performer, you won’t have more fun or find a better and more inspiring mentor.

Nicola Dunbar

Immediately I found Heather to be extremely helpful, both to myself specifically, and with regards voice and vocal technique generally. Her knowledge and understanding of the subject is beyond compare. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting her she had already isolated weaknesses in my vocal technique and set about correcting them. There is no faulting the efficiency and precision with which she works. Having studied singing at home with various programmes I though myself to be quite au fait with the techniques, however I had missed many (what I considered to be) minute details which it became apparent were of huge importance. There is no real substitute for a one on one teacher like Heather.

Callum Hood

Performer on UK and European Musical theatre tours and Cruise liner show teams

Before finding Heather I had a number of singing tutors. When I met Heather, concepts that had previously been explained that I never really understood seemed to just fall into place. I have noticed that not only has my technique massively improved, especially establishing a low range to rival any alto’s, my confidence has grown. I have been having private tuition with Heather for three years and since that time I have acquired leading roles in amateur productions, worked professionally and I am currently in the final stages of auditions for highly acclaimed musical theatre schools in London. After every lesson with Heather I feel as though I have grown as a singer but also as a performer. The friendly and fun atmosphere that Heather creates makes every class fun and relaxing to partake in. I now not only think of Heather as a great singing coach but also as a great friend. (Helen is currently studying at a major Drama school in London)

Helen Burke

Musical Theatre Student and Singer